February 2019



~ To Our Readers ~
Home mail delivery ends this month

This issue marks the beginning of our second year of publishing the Clayton Free Press.

From the outset, it was mailed directly to your homes and businesses at no cost to you. Since our first issue, a number of major printing houses have gone out of business including Philadelphia-based Bartash Printing – a printer formerly used by New Jersey Free Press. In addition, the U.S. Postal Service has discovered the need to hike rates to help off-set the insane service commitments it has made to the trillion dollar Amazon (an Editorial comment, we admit).

Unfortunately, because of escalating printing and postage costs, starting with our March issue (next month), we will no longer be mailing the paper to homes and businesses in the Borough.

We will absolutely continue to publish the Clayton Free Press monthly, with thousands of copies available FREE OF CHARGE through a number of locations IN the Borough, including:

  • Heritages – 419 N Delsea Drive
  • Doughty’s Furniture – 333 N Delsea Drive
  • Acme – 20 S Delsea Drive
  • Clayton Building Supplies – 734 N Delsea Drive
  • Clayton Branch – U.S. Post Office – 732 N Delsea Drive
  • Dunkin Donuts – 302 N Delsea Drive
  • Kenny’s Liquor – 414 S Delsea Drive
  • Best Food In Town Chinese Kitchen – 232 S Delsea Drive
  • Dollar Stop Plus Convenience – 4 N Delsea Drive
  • The Laundry Place – 4 N Delsea Drive
  • County of Gloucester Offices – 1200 N Delsea Drive
  • Gloucester County Animal Shelter – 1200 N Delsea Drive
  • Clayton Borough Senior Center – 1 Garwood Road
  • Clayton Mews – 865 N Delsea Drive (we will drop-off directly for residents)
  • Clayton School District (For School Administration, Staff and Instructors only)
  • Clayton Borough Hall – 125 N Delsea Drive )

We are also offering subscription service to the paper, at $14.99 for March through year-end issues. Each subscription issue will also include discount coupons for goods and services throughout South Jersey.

A subscription form can be printed from our Facebook page, at: 

If you are a fixed-income shut-in without internet access, and are unable to get to a location where you can pick-up a copy, call us at 856 243 2499 and we will make arrangements.

Of course, each issue will also be available to read on-line, right here (see below).

Thank you for reading the Clayton Free Press – we hope you continue to do so going forward!



World-class Presley Performer Found Living in our Borough

Keith and Eileen Gipson represent your typical South Jersey family, married more than 30 years, “retired” with three children (all grown) and living happily in the generally quiet Borough of Clayton. In fact, Keith retired recently from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and Eileen does the household bookkeeping, scheduling and planning for family “events”.

The difference is – Keith spends his retirement crisscrossing the nation, doing live performances as the one and only King of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley. Eileen, in the role of both Priscilla Presley and “Colonel Tom” Parker, manages Keith’s career, schedules and coordinates his events, designs and creates his outfits, and generally, does everything she can to keep her “hunka hunka burning love” running on time.

Although Elvis Aaron Presley passed away in 1977 at his Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee, the “King” of Clayton has been performing as a nationally-recognized and uniquely talented Elvis Tribute Artist for more than 25 years. He has been singing and performing live throughout New Jersey and as far away as Florida and Las Vegas. Keith performs at everything from corporate events to personal engagements, including weddings, birthday and anniversary parties. He also performs at adult communities, nursing homes and High School reunions.

Here is the kicker – Keith is also an ordained minister, so he can legally marry couples at the weddings in which he performs.

Since first seeing Elvis live in concert in 1972 at Madison Square Garden, Keith honed his pipes, practiced his moves and eventually, transformed into the entertaining whirlwind that he is today – all this, while working a full-time job and raising a family.

Eileen has added a special talent to the Elvis act too. Not only has she replicated original Elvis costumes, but she also designed and created unique costumes fitting the occasion, including jumpsuits featuring the Phillies, the Eagles and Breast Cancer Awareness. “It’s a lot of fun scheduling his appearances and getting to know the families who need an Elvis to make sure the family event goes well”, Eileen confessed.

Keith – who was born and raised in the Hoboken area of Northern New Jersey (also the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, we might add) – didn’t think about playing a role as Elvis until after the King’s death. While he did get the chance to see Elvis live in a second concert after the 1972 “comeback” performance, Keith was scheduled to see Presley perform live at the Nassau Coliseum on August 22, 1977. The concert was canceled, however, after Presley’s death a week earlier. “I was a lifetime Elvis fan. Doing his act was a way of paying tribute to a performer who influenced so many people’s lives”, Keith said.

“After being Elvis for so many years, we’re finding ourselves performing for the children of people whose birthday parties we played years earlier”, Keith said. “There is a certain gratification that comes from seeing the smiling faces of people who remember Elvis – remember a happier time – and remember the days when Elvis was rock and roll”, said Eileen.

The King is indeed alive and well and living in Clayton. Maybe, this year, we can see the King live in performance at the Clayton Senior Citizen Center. Until then, you can hear Keith “Elvis Presley” Gipson perform his act through his Facebook (, or by searching on YouTube (search for “Keith Gipson”, “Keith King Gipson” or “ElvisSingsAgain”.

You can contact his manager – Eileen “Colonel Eileen” Gipson – at

TCB, baby!


Clayton Clippers of the month!

Our 14 Clayton Clippers of the Month for December included:

In Simmons Elementary School, Christian Diaz-Calderon, Trevor Rehm, Angelina Troia, Ayden Fajardo, Sarai Watson, Yuliana Lopez, and Jesse Metcalf.

In Clayton Middle School, special recognition was given to Zion Brockington, Benicio Gonzalez, and Aaron Vaughn.

In Clayton High School, our Clippers of the Month included Christopher Schauers, Anthony Uy, Isaish Graves, and Xoria Prince.

Congratulations to these most outstanding students!


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