Top five reasons why you need to advertise in the CLAYTON FREE PRESS

We make an overlooked growing market accessible to you TODAY

Clayton is minutes away from Glassboro, Elk, Franklin, Monroe and Washington Townships, Clayton’s nearly 8,700 residents earned more than $256.8 million this year, while its residents spent more than $45 million on the purchase of retail goods and services.

Broad Distribution both inside and outside of Clayton Borough

We distribute thousands of copies of the Clayton Free Press through more than 170 locations, from Woodbury to Millville – and we will be growing to cover community and municipal news in Monroe and Washington Townships, Glassboro, and other South Jersey communities by second quarter, 2018. This means that your One ad will go further, for the same competitive price!

Competitive ad rates

Lower cost than any print or digital news source.

Local-ownership and focus

A truly local focus on the news, people and events of interest to the Clayton, Glassboro, Monroe, Washington Township residents and businesses, with a growing reach into neighboring municipalities.

Reader-designed content

Local news about the people readers know.

Things you need to know


The Clayton Free Press offers its advertisers a selection of terms and rates, based upon the needs of their business. Rates for advertising decrease on a column-inch basis, based on your advertising frequency, the size of the ad you choose to purchase, and your ad color preference (full color or black & white). We will be happy to work with you to create a personalized advertising program that best fits your annual business and budget needs.


The services below are made available free of charge to customers placing advertising in the Clayton Free Press.

  • Layout & Copywriting Assistance: We can help you create your ad for the Clayton Free Press for free. Contact our Advertising Department at (856) 243 2499, or by email, at Advertising@NJFreePress.Com for more information.
  • Proof & Emailed, Tearsheet Delivery: All ads will be proofed for errors by our staff. Advertisers can request an emailed proof. We’ll gladly email tearsheets (a sample of what will be printed) of your ad to you at no charge. We will request however that you sign-off on the proof, returning a signed copy to us via fax at (877) 278 0366 prior to printing.


Due to competition, we do not publish our advertising rates but would be happy to meet with you to review our rates and contract options. Contact us at (856) 243 2499 to discuss costs and find out ways to make your advertising investment work for you!


Contact us for details at 856 243 2499.


Business Display ads: Full color or black and white ads that are larger than a business card must be received by no later than noon on the 20th of each month for insertion into the next month’s issue. We can provide you with a tear sheet proof of your ad for approval if ads are received by no later than the 20th of the month prior to the month of publication.

Clayton Consumer Classifieds and Personal Announcements: Written copy for black and white consumer-based classified ads and personal announcements must be received by noon by the 20th of each month for insertion into the next month’s issue.

Press releases (and photograph jpg images): Press releases and related new announcements must be must be received by no later than noon by the 20th of each month for insertion into the next month’s issue.


Advertising contracts and rates are for individual advertisers. Persons or agencies cannot purchase a volume contract for display space or preprints and resell it to multiple advertisers. Advertisers, including for-profit events, will be permitted to include other business logos in ads with prior agreement from the Clayton Free Press and only if a high definition (300 dpi or greater) logo is provided. Such ads must be provided to the Clayton Free Press in PDF format in the exact size as that which will appear in the paper.


Terms are payment with submission of copy, unless credit has been approved in advance. We will accept payment with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal while credit is being established. Advertising purchased on credit is due and payable when the ad is purchased. All personal, political, charitable and going-out-of-business advertisements require payment in advance. All out of state advertisers shall be cash-with-copy, unless credit has been approved. Advertising privileges may be suspended if an account becomes past due.


On occasion, it may be necessary or appropriate for the newspaper, at its discretion, to change or reject advertising copy, with or without the advertiser’s approval. The Clayton Free Press and New Jersey Free Press LLC reserves the right to refuse advertising for any or no reason.


  1. We reserve the right to insert the word “advertisement” in all ads, especially “all copy” ads which may be mistaken for news articles.
  2. We want your ad to be accurate and correct. Should there be an error and it is our fault, however, we will give you a correction letter and a discount which is deemed appropriate by the management for the space occupied by the incorrect copy. However, we must be notified in time to correct the advertisement before a second insertion. Credit is allowable for the first insertion only. In the event of error or omission we will, upon request, furnish a letter stating the correction, but will not assume any liability for any difference if goods are sold at the incorrect price nor is the advertiser required to sell the product or service for the incorrect price. New Jersey Free Press LLC will not be held liable for any loss due to omission of advertising material.
  3. The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the publisher against any and all loss, damage, cost and expense which the publisher may incur or become liable for by reason of any and all claims or actions for libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and any and all other claims in connection with advertising matter published pursuant to the terms and provisions of the contract, including without limitation the expense and cost of defending any and all such claims and actions.
  4. Due to production limitations we do not guarantee positions, nor is advertising accepted for publication subject to position. Failure to comply with a position request will not result in a “make good” or refund.
  5. POLITICAL AD POLICY: All political ads must be emailed in PDF format, or faxed to our Clayton office at (877) 278 0366 prior to their acceptance for insertion. After approval, ads must be paid for 30 days prior to run. All ads must abide by the state and (when applicable) federal political advertising laws. All ads must include the statement: “Paid for by ______ (Name of candidate, candidate campaign committee, political party organization, political action committee, referendum committee, individual or other sponsor.) An ad that opposes a particular candidate must disclose the candidate it is intended to benefit and whether the ad is authorized or not authorized by the candidate. These disclosures must be at least 5% of the height of the printed space and be at least 12 point in size no matter how small the ad is. All political ads must be paid for by check along with written authority for each expenditure from each candidate, treasurer or individual making or authorizing expenditure. Checks can be mailed directly to us at P.O. Box 201, Clayton, NJ 08312. No cash, money orders or credit card payments will be accepted.


Advertising agencies and individuals are responsible for maintaining back-up copies of electronic ads submitted to the Clayton Free Press. The Clayton Free Press only backs up ads created in-house.

For a graphic illustration of our page and ad size requirements, please contact our Advertising Department at (856) 243 2499, or by email, at Advertising@NJFreePress.Com and we will be happy to provide you with a PDF copy of our Media Kit, which contains everything you need to know.