Sponsored by Gloucester County Freeholder Daniel Christy

The Clayton Free Press, in association with Gloucester County Freeholder Daniel Christy and the Gloucester County Animal Shelter are proud to sponsor this month’s special pet available for immediate adoption.

Our December Pet of the Month is Jack! If you’re looking for a dog that will turn heads, Jack is your boy.:)  His stunning markings of brindle throughout his fur make him quite the looker!

This four year old German Shepherd mix is house trained and loves hanging out with other dogs and cats. A quiet home, probably without children, would be best for him, only because he’s a little shy.
Stop by to meet this terrific guy soon – Please don’t make him spend Christmas alone – he would love to come home with you and enjoy the holidays with his new family!

If you would like to adopt Jack today, please contact the Gloucester County Animal Shelter at (856) 881-2828 x 1.


FROM THE DESK OF: Gloucester County Freeholder Daniel Christy

Happy Holidays to all of our neighbors in Gloucester County, and happy New Year!

As Freeholder Liaison to the Gloucester County Animal Shelter, I’d like to share a few helpful reminders for keeping pets safe during the holiday season. The holidays are a special time for spending with loved ones, but it can also pose some potential risks for pets. Every year our animal control officers receive pet emergencies calls during the holidays. Some of the following tips may help prevent these situations and keep your pets happy and safe along with your family:

  • Be aware of Christmas tree and plant safety. Cats often try to eat tinsel and can choke or become very ill. Other holiday plants such as Mistletoe, Holly, and Poinsettia plants are poisonous to animals.
  • Holiday parties and family gatherings can be overwhelming to your pets. Stressed out dogs may become unusually aggressive and bite guests, or animals may attempt to run out the door to get away from the noise and activity in the house. If your pet becomes overwhelmed, keeping them in a separate part of the house may be the safest option.
  • Don’t allow special treats. It can be tempting to let your pet have special food on the holidays, but many of the foods we enjoy are not easily digestible for animals. Especially with guests coming over, it can be easy for the treats to add up and your animal may end up becoming ill.
  • Take extra caution on New Years Eve. The sound of fireworks can be frightening for animals, and even with a fenced in yard they can often find ways to escape. Keep pets inside as much as possible on New Years Eve, and try to keep the radio or TV on to lessen the noise of the fireworks.

Dan Christy, Gloucester County Freeholder

To contact Freeholder Christy


Gloucester County Freeholder Daniel Christy
2 South Broad Street (PO Box 337)
Woodbury, New Jersey 08096

Call:  (856) 853-3383



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