Choosing a Firearm for Protection

The debate continues over the best kind of firearm for home defense/self- protection. Since practically no one but police and the “elite” are issued concealed carry permits in New Jersey, and no private citizens are permitted to “open carry” in New Jersey, the issue of guns for protection away from home is moot. We are, however, permitted to carry on our own property, for what that’s worth. Keep your eyes and ears open, stay away from sketchy areas, and take comfort in the fact that, statistically, you’re pretty safe.

For protection from intruders inside the home, many favor a handgun. They’re east to maneuver, even in tight spaces, (imagine trying to swing a full-size rifle or shotgun in your hallway), have plenty of power, and most users can shoot fairly accurately at self-protection ranges. (5 to 10 feet). They are also easily placed within reach and accessed, should it be necessary.

The arguments in favor of handguns notwithstanding, a short barreled shotgun, 18.5 inches, is probably the optimum choice. If you’ve ever been in a minor auto accident and noticed that your hands were shaking as you tried to write down the other driver’s information, that was one effect of adrenaline pumping through your body. Now imagine being in imminent fear for your life, and trying to shoot a handgun accurately, possibly in low light, and half asleep. A shotgun is much more forgiving of bad aim.

Of course, the choices are many, and subject to individual preferences. Three things to remember if you plan to employ any gun for self-defense. 1. Practice. 2. Practice. 3. Practice. You should know your gun as well as you know your favorite chair. If possible, invest in some formal training. Use safe practices in, and away from, home. Have a plan, and include your family. Do everything you can to minimize the chance of ever needing to defend yourself or your family, but, be prepared for that eventuality.

As when considering household fires and babies’ diapers, anticipate the best, but prepare for the worst.

Be safe, have fun, and God bless.

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Stan Bennett was born in South Jersey, and has been a Clayton resident since 1975. He is married with three children and two grandchildren. Working as a truck driver and now, since retiring, as owner and sales manager of Bennett Firearms, he is a state and federally licensed firearms dealer. Stan is committed to offering fair prices on new and used gun purchases, and providing advice and assistance on the safe use of firearms for sport and personal protection. You can contact him at 856 513 5330, or by email, at sbennettfirearms@gmail.com. His website is located at: https://BennettFireArmsandAmmo.com/


Page updated April 3, 2019