Transporting Your Firearm

Last month I shared some information on possession and transportation of firearms. Obviously, laws vary greatly from state to state, and in different municipalities. Therefore, I’m making my statements relative to New Jersey. Also, nothing in these articles should be considered legal advice, though the statements I make are true to the best of my knowledge.

New Jersey law states that no permit or NJ Firearms ID card is required to legally possess or transport a firearm. It’s legal to “keep or carry any firearm about a person’s place of business, residence, premises, or any other land owned or possessed by him”.

Firearms must be transported unloaded and in a closed or fastened case, gun box, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of a vehicle. Ammunition should be in a separate, locked container. I always transport guns and ammunition in separate, locked containers.

Even in one’s home, it’s illegal to store firearms and ammunition where they’re accessible to children. This is pretty much a no-brainer.

As you might suspect, it takes a competent attorney to understand and interpret all of our firearms laws. There is, however, a pamphlet available from the NJ State Police and most gun shops which enumerates some of our basic state laws. It also lists many guns which are illegal in New Jersey, with guidelines for determining which guns are or are not legal. It’s a handy little collection of information, and it’s free.

Now, to shift gears a little bit. December is the month in which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who died to pay the penalty for the sins of the world. You may know that the word Christ means Messiah, or savior. You’re free to believe or not believe, but, I can tell you that Christianity is the only faith in the world in which believers don’t gain eternal life, paradise, whatever you call it, by doing good deeds to gain favor with the one they worship. With Christianity, Jesus already paid the price, and good deeds are to say “thank you”. Please consider that.

With that, I say, be safe, have fun, and God bless. And Merry Christmas.

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Stan Bennett was born in South Jersey, and has been a Clayton resident since 1975. He is married with three children and two grandchildren. Working as a truck driver and now, since retiring, as owner and sales manager of Bennett Firearms, he is a state and federally licensed firearms dealer. Stan is committed to offering fair prices on new and used gun purchases, and providing advice and assistance on the safe use of firearms for sport and personal protection. You can contact him at 856 513 5330, or by email, at sbennettfirearms@gmail.com. His website is located at: https://BennettFireArmsandAmmo.com/


Page updated December 2018