Thrifting Tips for Finding Fabulous Treasures

Test Your Tips at Samaritan Thrift in Pitman

By Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice

Many South Jersey residents love thrift store shopping as an economical and entertaining past time.

Haven’t tried thrifting yet? Follow these few key tips and you, too, can discover an enjoyable and affordable way to extend your professional and weekend wardrobe or add furnishings to your home.

A great place to start is Samaritan Thrift conveniently located in Pitman, NJ. Just a short drive down Route 47, the store sells an array of gently used clothing, shoes, purses, and more. Plus, if you like supporting a good cause, all proceeds benefit hospice patients and their families. Store manager Andrea Mangeney says, “Once people come through our doors, they love it, and end up being regular shoppers.”

Five Tips for Fabulous Finds

  • Tip #1 – Forget the Thrift Stigma: Thrift stores aren’t the dirty and dark stores they used to be. Thrift shops have become clean, bright, and friendly places to find inexpensive clothing, purses, jewelry, books, records, and housewares. Stores are popping up quickly throughout the South Jersey and Philadelphia area and are worth exploring.
  • Tip # 2 – Know Your Brands: Seek out quality. You don’t have to settle for cheaply made clothing just because you’re thrifting. Keep your eyes out for brands like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Express, Chico’s, Dockers, Land’s End, and Gap which provide quality craftsmanship. With the constantly changing thrift store inventory, it’s fun to be a brand sleuth !
    If you love glassware and collectibles, Mikasa, Lenox, and Baldwin are great finds. Be a smart shopper and familiarize yourself with key manufacturers of your favorite items.
  • Tip # 3 – Examine Your Finds: Before you check out, always examine your fabulous finds. Look for loose stitching, holes, and stains in clothing. Look for breaks and cracks in housewares. Plug in electrical items like lamps and TVs. Flip through books to make sure there are no torn or ripped pages. Be picky.
  • Tip # 4 – Just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean you should buy it. You must love it. It must fit. It must be in good condition. And it must be exactly what you want – or else it’s not a bargain at any cost.
  • Tip # 5 – Have fun! Visit Samaritan Thrift. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM – 6 PM and only fifteen minutes from Clayton.

Giving Back
Accepting Donations: Support Samaritan by donating your gently used clothing, housewares, or other accessories. Samaritan is a not-for-profit organization serving the South Jersey community since 1980. Donations can be dropped off during store hours.

Volunteer: Do you like retail? Do you enjoy people? Volunteer at Samaritan Thrift. You do not need to have any retail experience. We will train. Contact Sally Cezo at 856-552-3235 for more information.

Samaritan Thrift

20 South Broadway, Pitman NJ

Open Tues – Sat 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM



As you drive past the McGuinness Funeral Home on Egg Harbor Road in Sewell, the first thing you notice is the special family garden known as “Marie’s Memory Garden”, named in honor of the Founder’s Wife – Marie McGuinness – and dedicated to the surviving family members of all those who have had a need for McGuinness’ services. They also have a pet memorial garden, where family pets are remembered and honored – all as part of the holistic healing philosophy stressed by the McGuinness Funeral Home. While not necessary for the operation of a modern day funeral home in Southern New Jersey, these are a few of the special features that help make McGuinness stand apart from ordinary funeral homes.

Founded by James McGuinness and his wife Marie Schultes McGuinness in 1951, the McGuinness Funeral Home started with a single vision – to create a “caring atmosphere of unique and compassionate memorial services that would be welcoming and warm for all community members, no matter their background”. McGuinness’ children Kathy and Bill continued to run the funeral home after their parent’s passing, and today, the McGuinness team has grown – but continues to remain focused on the founder’s unique principal that prioritizes the comforts of surviving family members over the profits of unnecessary services.

According to Richard Bonczak, General Manager of the funeral home, McGuinness has been providing personalized and customizable memorial services for families throughout the greater Clayton, Washington Township and Woodbury areas for over 60 years. Bonczak, who is also a licensed funeral director and cremation specialist, joined McGuinness in August, 1998 as a member of the funeral director staff. After 20 years of serving the needs of area families through McGuinness, he takes his role as a family advisor, counselor and chief comforter as seriously and personally as he does his role of raising his two children. Bonczak and his wife Judi live in Mt. Ephraim, and he considers his role at McGuinness to be much more than a job – it is a calling – to “help families in their greatest time of need”.

Working closely along side Bonczak is Elisha Elliott, Community Outreach and Aftercare Coordinator. Her job is a unique one. While not a licensed funeral director, Elliott’s role is sometimes more critical than that of a director. She tends to the personal and emotional needs of the bereaved. “I do not sell funeral services, coordinate church services, burial details or transportation – I help care for the needs of families”, she said, “and we do so for as long as the families need grief support from our professionals”. We met with Elisha as she was putting the final touches on that week’s “Tea at Ten on Tuesday” program, which offers recently bereaved family members an opportunity to gather for tea, to share experiences and support, and learn from professionals how to deal with the complexities that sometimes follow the loss of a loved one. McGuinness also offers a “Butter Fly Release” – a memorial service dedicated to celebrating the lives of those who have been lost, culminating in the release of butterflies, provided to families by Elliott and the McGuinness staff.

“McGuinness offers something else that is unique to any funeral homes in the area”, Elliott said. It’s called “ShareLife”. ShareLife is a highly personalized memorial service that allows the bereaved an opportunity to recreate the amazing story of their loved one in a room of remembrance, devoted specifically to their unique needs. The ShareLife experience starts with a projection of special scenes and photos which showcase moments of your loved one’s life, allowing family and friends to appreciate and reflect on their best memories together. These memories, partnered with a favorite song, soothing scents, and sound effects to enhance the memorial experience, help family members and friends to celebrate and remember the good times shared. “It’s not one thing, it’s everything that we do to make your loved one’s celebration of life personal and memorable”, Elliott said. “We believe that your loved one was a unique person – so it’s a way to make sure that their memorial service just as special.”

For more information about the personalized services available through McGuinness Funeral Home, visit McGuinness at, or contact Elisha Elliott at (856) 582-3800. McGuinness is located at 573 Egg Harbor Road, Washington Township, Sewell.

Updated April 3, 2019