All of us at the New Jersey Free Press are excited to welcome back our readers!  We’re back to Take Care of Business in New Jersey, proudly returning to bring the news to our local communities.  It has been a defining year, and we wanted to update you on what we have been doing, the changes you’ll see, and share our vision of the way forward.

NJFP was more than a community newspaper, it was a family run endeavor.  Last November, we lost our founder, Bridget Nesko, who pioneered this project and gave the paper its heart and direction.  This was closely followed by the loss of our major contributor and dear friend, Jerry Blavat, “The Geator with the Heater”, in January.  It’s been a journey as it was necessary to pause operations to mourn the loss of loved ones, and to map the way forward. 

Through this journey, one thing remained clear.  Our founder, Bridget, would have wanted NJFP to continue to be an important part of New Jersey’s many communities, to serve selflessly and with heart.  And that’s exactly what we will do.  We remain committed to keeping our focus on local news, people, and issues – the information that empowers residents to make an impact.  NJFP is also committed to remaining impartial, providing news as it is, without political bias or an axe to grind.  The power communities provide is through their unity, and so we are committed to being a catalyst in bringing people together.

So, what’s next?  Firstly, we are restructuring into a non-profit organization to ensure interests will always align with our communities.  Secondly, we’re focusing our news online.  Being online allows us the flexibility and cost effectiveness to serve New Jersey the best we can.  We hope you enjoy the new look and are excited about the possibilities this will bring! 

Welcome Back! And as always, challenge conventional wisdom